Roslie (roslie) wrote in hot_attack_info,

For Members
Make all posts friends only.
Act like a member and stay active.
Always help promote this community.
Always put [stamped] in the subject line along with a subject for your post.
Be honest when voting on our applicants, dont just follow the crowd.
Dont be rude to other members.
Keep negative comments to yourself.
Have fun!
Put all pictures under a cut.
Dont be fake.
Dont delete you application after you're accepted.
Let us know if you'll be gone for while or leaving.
Dont argue with the Mods, ever.
Treat other members the way you would want to be treated.

For Applicants
Make your application friends only or it will be deleted.
Answer every question on the application.
You must post a salute at the time you apply or you will be auto rejected.
Only comment on your own application until you are accepted.
Promote in "the right kind" of places.
Follow all the directions.
You dont need to comment after every vote.
Post clear pictures.
Dont change/screw up the html on the application.
Dont delete your application.
If you are rejected, leave the community right away.
Put [dont panic] in the subject line of your application.
Put [new applicant] in the cut of your application.
Use spell check so you dont look dumb.
If there is anything majorly messed up about your application, it will be deleted.
Dont be rude to the members.
If you cant take it, dont apply.
Members are aloud to say whatever they want (in reason), but you're not.
If you're accepted, act like it, STAY ACTIVE.
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